When Work Becomes Worship

Some of us hate our work. Some of us worship our work. Some of us are completely ambivalent toward work. Scripture, however, invites us to see work not as something to just get through, hate, or idolize, but rather as an avenue to honor the One for Whom we ultimately do it: God Himself.

Work To Give

In this message we discover that God provides work for us so that we can provide for others. We learn that God wants us to be generous and ready to share…and we discuss how we can move that direction.

Work to Cultivate

Why do we work? In this message, we learn that all stuff is God’s stuff.  Because of that, we can work and create for His glory, knowing that He calls us to be great stewards of His stuff.

Working for the Weak-end

Jesus didn’t dismiss the Sabbath. Instead, He supported the Sabbath by teaching that the ceremonial law terminated in Him. This teaches us that our work ultimates terminates in the Jesus or on our own selves.

The Best Rest

God not only designed us for work, but for rest as well. As we learn what it means to Sabbath, we learn more than just physical rest.


Made To Work

According to Gallup, a full 70% of US employees are either disengaged or actively disengaged at work.  Why is that? Why are we so dissatisfied in our work?  In this message, we learn how to diagnose our work environments…and we learn some crucial truths about ourselves and how we can find greater joy in our jobs.


The Bar Exam

In this Easter message, we will look at how Cain and Able are good examples of how religion and resurrection compete for our hearts.

God and Goodness

Doesn’t God just want me to be good? In this message, we look at Mark 10 and discover Jesus’ answer to a question we all care deeply about…what do I need to do to get into heaven?  We learn that no one is good but God alone, but that God is offering us an incredible trade.

What about the volume?

If you’ve gone to a service at LifePoint Church, it’s possible that at some point you might have noticed our music can be, well… loud. For some people this seems like a good thing, and for others, not so much. Some might even worry that their hearing could be damaged.

In light of this, we’ll address the safety issue first so you can rest easy, and then we’ll talk through the biblical underpinnings of why we sometimes get loud…