The story of Joseph through the eyes of Ferdinand the Bull teaches us that standing out has a price.

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama teaches us about where to look for real love.


Sticks and Stones

Personal means that we choose serving over observing…a lesson we learn from Moses on a mountain.

Top Choice

Spiritual Intimacy is strengthened in our lives as we take steps forward in our faith by choosing consistent patterns, proper motives, and a long-term perspective.

The Girdle Hurdle

Jesus gives us a next step to loving each other well

Like Sunlight on Road Salt

Jesus calls us to be salt and light to reach the world.


Gospel Identity

In this series we will look at the importance of taking next steps. In this message, Jesus teaches us about Gospel Identity.

Hope for 2018

Paul teaches us where our hope comes from.

Repeat the Sounding Joy

Christmas teaches us that Jesus brings us the ultimate joy.

The Advent Argument

Luke and Paul teach us the “why” behind Christmas.

Your Song

Luke explains to us why Jesus had to become a man through the Christmas story.

All is Bright

Christmas teaches how to deal with fear.

Use the Force

Jesus teaches us to be intensely intention about the Kingdom.


Playing with Fire

Jesus teaches us about the priority of the Kingdom.

The Cost of Following Jesus

Jesus teaches us about the cost of following Him.

Camels, Needles, and You

We learn about how the camel going through the eye of a needle can affect our faith today.


James teaches us about the dangers of hoarding and forgetting.

Sticks & Stones

James teaches us that our words both direct and reveal who we are.

Student Teachers

James teaches us that our words, especially those from teachers, are powerful for good and bad.

Proof of Life

James practically shows us how faith and works collide to glorify God.

Small Talk

James teaches us about the danger of favoritism.

Life-change Sunday

People going public with their baptisms

The Man in the Mirror

James tells us how to both accept and apply the truth

Leg Day

James teaches us how to ask for wisdom in the middle of trials.

He’s Out of His Mind!

My life is the best reflection of what I truly believe.

Psalm 145

In the ups and downs of everyday life, one thing is consistent for the people of God, and that is the praise of God.

Psalm 90

Learning to seek God in the most difficult of seasons

Hatchet Man

Words have power, we must be diligent to choose them wisely and wield them carefully.

Psalm 51

God can forgive us — even the worst part of us…this is what we discover in Psalm 51.

The “X” Factor

The Psalms are a way to connect to God through any season.

When God Speaks

God reveals Himself through what He’s made

From Adversity to Opportunity

Within our dark and dying world, we have the great opportunity to seek after God and connect with His purpose and plan.

The Reason for the Seasons

We learn from Asaph that we can grow close to God even if our circumstances don’t change.


In the letter from Jesus to the church at Thyatira, we see how Jesus protects his church from going off the rails.

A Bad Prognosis

The Laodicean Church teaches us to be jealous for God.

A Door, a Key, and a Pillar

The church at Philadelphia teaches us that God gives us doors of opportunity, because He has authority.



The church at Sardis teaches us the importance of the church’s mission.

It’s Black and White

The church at Pergamum teaches us that we need to bomb the idol factories in our hearts.


Light the Fire

The Church at Smyrna teaches us not to let fear determine our fate. Jesus has eyes that see our every need.

Backup Offer

As we celebrate MOVE 3/2/1, we learn from the Apostle John about our first love.

The Family in the Frame

Parenting points us from our imperfect families to relationship between Jesus and the Perfect Heavily Father.

Family Portrait

Its never going to be perfect

Next Generations

God Teaches us through Jonah to care for the next generations.

The Nations

God uses Jonah to reach the nations and to teach us to do the same.

One Whale of an Easter

Jesus uses the Jonah narrative to teach us about the important of the resurrection.

Our Neighbors

The Story of Jonah teaches us that our Neighbors are a critical component of God’s activity in our lives.

MOVE 3/2/1

Using the prophet Jonah’s life, we look at an overview of Lifepoint’s two-year vision.

All Things Will Be Made New

Church Signs

Both the Creed and the Bible teach us how God designed the church to impact the world.

Team Spirit

God gives us the Holy Spirit to change and equip us.


Finding life in the Ascension, Rule and Return of Jesus!


The resurrection of Jesus brings us ultimate hope.