It’s Do or Die

Paul puts and exclamation point on his letter to the Galatians by giving them the choice to do or die.


The Marks of Jesus

This message is the final in our 16 weeks study through Galatians.  In it, we see Paul’s concluding remarks in this letter that has taught us to place our hope fully in Jesus and not in our own goodness.  Paul reminds his readers that neither circumcision nor uncircumcision ultimately matters…what matters is being made new through trusting God’s Son Jesus Christ.  May we all find new life in Him.

Don’t Be Deceived

We all know that being deceived is bad.  Yet we are often unaware when we are being deceived.  In this message, we continue our study in Galatians 6:6-10.  We see 3 specific lies that Paul addresses, and learn to reject them so that we might more fully follow Jesus.



The Client-Tell

Paul applies the Gospel to our relationships in the areas of confrontation and compassion.


Good Good

Paul teaches the Galatians and us how the Gospel applies to all of our relationships.


A Community of Grace

In this message, we continue our study in Galatians 6:1-5.  We discover that we are invited to cultivate a community of grace…a community where people who fall are restored with gentleness…a community where we each carry our own God-given responsibility while also helping others carry their heavy loads.  


The Change-Up

Paul uses the imagery of something as simple as fruit to describe to us the process of spiritual growth and change. 


The Fruit of the Spirit

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In this message, we continue our study in Galatians 5:22-26.  We discover that anyone who has trusted Christ has the privilege of increasingly experiencing love, joy, peace, patience…things we all want.  We learn how we can cultivate the fruit God is working in our lives so that we can more fully live like His Son Jesus.


Free Delivery

Paul makes a critical statement about the nature and necessity of freedom. We are not free to do whatever we really want, but we are free to really want whatever we do.


Our Perfection and Satisfaction

Our flesh would lead us to seek out perfection and satisfaction apart from Christ. The message of the gospel is that Christ alone is our perfection and satisfaction. The Holy Spirit empowers us against the flesh to walk by the Spirit and put off the old self. 

Driver’s License

Paul helps us answer the question under the question that we all have about grace. “If grace is really free, doesn’t that mean we can do whatever we want?”


The Cost Of Freedom

Paul continues to plead with the Galatians to stand firm in the freedom that Christ secured with his death and resurrection. He urges them to continue running the race they have been running and to hold to the gospel message that he preached. This message of freedom should draw the Galatians to a deeper love for their Heavenly Father and should produce stronger obedience. However, there are those who have “cut in” and are “keeping” the Galatians from obeying the truth of the gospel. Paul encourages the Galatians to neither lose nor abuse the freedom they have in Christ.


For Freedom’s Sake

What makes us innocent in the eyes of God? Do we earn a right status with Him, or is our justification a gift to be received? In Galatians 5, Paul reminds us once more that we should relate to God only by grace, through faith in Jesus.

The Privilege of Freedom

It is for freedom that Christ set us free.  In this message, we continue our study in Galatians 5:1-6. We discover that God is inviting us to freedom in His Son Jesus Christ, and that our freedom can and should result in our lives being marked by faith, hope and love.


Free by Birth

In this message, we continue with our study of Galatians 4:21-31.  Paul again points our attention to the Gospel and reminds us that any of us who trust Jesus have been brought into a life of freedom through the Spirit.



It Takes Two

Paul talks his listeners through the cure for guilt by contrasting two sons with two covenants that have two different meanings.

The ABCs Of The Universe

Paul talks about the struggle under our struggles, as well as what it’s like to minister within the struggle.


Turning Back

In this message, we continue our study in Galatians 4:8-20.  Paul asks the Galatians how they can turn back from God after receiving the Gospel.  We look at the ways in which we sometimes “turn back” and discover that trust is essential to continuing to walk with God.

A Son’s Spirit

In this message, we continue our study in the book of Galatians, specifically we will be looking at Galatians 4:1-7.  Through these verses we will learn that we each have the opportunity to trust Jesus and, consequently, to become sons and daughters of God.  When that has happened, God gives us the gift of His Spirit and empowers us to relate to Him as His children.

Sons and Daughters

As we step toward the Cross and meet God in his provision something incredible happens, our position changes and we move from slaves to sons and daughters. For Jesus, the cross meant death, but for us it means there is “a brand new you”.

The Law Of Love

Paul describes the tension that exists in all of our lives between law and love. He shows us how Jesus answers the tension and how it practically affects us.

Sons and Strangers

God promised Abraham that He would bless everyone through him.  In this message, we continue our study in Galatians 3:15-29.  We learn that everyone relates to God as either a son or a stranger.  If we want access to the blessings of God, we only have one option…to trust God’s Son Jesus the Christ.  When we do that, we get to become a son or daughter of the God of the Universe…in other words, we become blessed. 

The Curse Of The Curse

Paul teaches us that there is a power that we can believe that gives us freedom.

Faith or Flesh

Why is it then that we believe there to be a required human effort in our sanctification? Why do we find our hearts unsettled? Why do we feel insecure and unable to reach the approval of the Father who has already granted us His approval? Why are we still trying to earn what we have been freely given? Because Christians have been doing so for centuries… so allow me this opportunity to remind you dear brothers and sisters of the good news of Christ; that we never outgrow the gospel.



Just Right

Paul shows us the necessity of God’s view of our hearts being changed because we need a righteousness that we cannot produce…those concepts apply into the deepest areas of our lives.


As we continue our series in Galatians, we learn that we each have the opportunity to be declared innocent by God…which sounds like a pretty good thing to have happen!  In this passage, Paul tells us that we have two basic options for how we go about seeking “justification” from God.  We discover that the only way we can be justified is through trusting Jesus, which results in both our justification and our union with Jesus Himself.

Clash Of The Titans

There was a pivotal moment in the early church where Paul and Simon Peter disagreed over the application of grace. In this clash of spiritual Titans, God teaches us again about the nature of grace.

Free Downloads

Paul teaches the Galatians that the Gospel is both objectively fixed and subjectively flexible; we must both believe it and own it in our personal lives.


The Gospel Changes Lives

In this message, we’re reminded that the Gospel is a life changing message.  Paul was seeking to convince the Galatians to listen to him as he proclaimed the one true Gospel to them.  In this, we are reminded that we also must choose whether or not we will listen to the Gospel and speak the Gospel to others.



The Gospel Truth

Galatians teaches us that in Christ we have a new self, which means we have to “shelf the old self.” In this message, we will talk about how the Gospel not only saves us but heals us as well. 

No Other Gospel

In this message, we begin our new series in Galatians.  We discover that there is only one Gospel…that there’s only one way of relating rightly to God.  Paul was astonished that the Galatians were so quickly deserting God by turning away from it, and he calls each of us back to placing all of our hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Message Notes