Playing with Fire

Jesus teaches us about the priority of the Kingdom.

How to get to Heaven

 A wealthy, powerful, moral young ruler once asked Jesus what had to do to get to heaven. Jesus’ answer was shocking, and it challenges us to reconsider how we can have a relationship with God.

Peace on Earth…?

Jesus is called the Prince of Peace, Mighty Counselor, Wonderful God. Jesus also said that he came to cast fire on the earth and bring not peace, but division. What do we do with that? In this message, we look at the reality that some will receive the good news of the Gospel, and some will not.

Treasure Jesus, Not Things

In this message, Mark reminds us to prioritize Jesus and the gospel over all things.

The Cost of Following Jesus

Jesus teaches us about the cost of following Him.

Just Sayin’

In this first message of our Just Sayin’ series we will be looking at Luke 9:57-62 and Jesus’ tough call to follow Him.

The Cost of Following Christ

 What takes priority in your life? In Luke 9, Jesus makes some difficult statements about the cost of discipleship.

Camels, Needles, and You

We learn about how the camel going through the eye of a needle can affect our faith today.

The Prosperity Problem

 Our culture encourages us to accultulate as much as possible, to upgrade constantly, and to base our value on our wealth. The Bible encourages a different narrative. In this message, James warns of the dangers of wealth.


James teaches us about the dangers of hoarding and forgetting.

Be Patient

In this message, James reminds us to prioritize Jesus and His Kingdom over all things.

Sticks & Stones

James teaches us that our words both direct and reveal who we are.

Pride and Humility

Everyone is a planner. We plan our careers, our finances, our vacations. What James addresses today is not the act of planning, but the attitude in planning.

What Is Your Life

Our life reflects our faith and where we put our trust. James brings us face to face with the reality that our lives are a mist that is here in a moment gone. Boasting in ourselves and in our plans is foolish since we don’t even know what the next moment brings. Our faith rests in the eternal redemptive work of Jesus our Savior.

Watching our Words

If our lives reflect what we truly believe, our words reflect our hearts. In this message, the Apostle James teaches us about the power of the tongue.

Student Teachers

James teaches us that our words, especially those from teachers, are powerful for good and bad.

Words on Fire

In this message, we study James 3. We are reminded that our words have incredible power to build up or to destroy.

Good Faith

 It is more important to love Jesus or to love others? To read the Bible or to feed the poor? In this message, Jesus reminds us again of the essential connection between faith and works.

Proof of Life

James practically shows us how faith and works collide to glorify God.

Faith Without Works Is Dead

In this message, we study James 2:14-26 together. We discover that a living faith in Jesus always includes a growing obedience of Jesus.

Small Talk

James teaches us about the danger of favoritism.


 Beautiful Collision. James 2:1-10. Learning to live out my faith with the heard of God. James explains how to treat others in light of what it means to be a a follower of Jesus Christ.

Breaking the Law

In this message, we study James 2:1-13 together. We are reminded that God both deserves and demands our obedience in all things…including how we treat others.

Take the Plunge

It’s Lifechange Sunday! In this message, we explain what baptize is, why we baptize, and who should take the step to go public with their faith through baptism.

Life-change Sunday

People going public with their baptisms

Joy in Heaven

In this message, we are reminded that salvation is something to rejoice over!!!

Listen and Apply

We’ve all done it. We know we need to make a change, we’re inspired or even convicted about doing it…and then we forget it. We just don;t do it. James tells us we deceive ourselves when we just hear the Word and don’t out it into action. We have to be both hearers and doers.

The Man in the Mirror

James tells us how to both accept and apply the truth

Words and Works

In this message we study James 1:19-27. We discover that both our words and our works can and should reflect our faith in Jesus.

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Leg Day

James teaches us how to ask for wisdom in the middle of trials.

The Testing of Our Faith

Everyone goes through difficult times. Everyone suffers. Sometimes we wonder, is there a point to all of it? Do the troubles I experience mean anything? In this message, we see what the Bible says about trials and temptations and what they mean for the Christian.

Resist Temptation with Truth

The Lord is an unchanging, gracious giver who is not tempted by sin. We are tossed about like waves on the sea and are tempted by our own desires. We resist this temptation by the truth of His word and the gracious gift of salvation.

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He’s Out of His Mind!

My life is the best reflection of what I truly believe.

Servants of God

In this message, we begin our study of James. We are reminded that we are called to be servants of God who enjoy His presence in every circumstance.

Starting the Conversation

Is what you believe more important than what you do? Or the other way around? James, Jesus’ half-brother, asserts that you can’t separate the two. Faith without works is dead. In other words, our lives are the best reflection of what we truly believe.

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A Constant Praise

Why do you praise God? It’s a tendency of the human heart to praise God when things are going well and to question him when they aren’t. In this message, Psalm 145 calls us to praise God for who He is and for what He has done, not because of our current circumstances or feelings.

Psalm 145

In the ups and downs of everyday life, one thing is consistent for the people of God, and that is the praise of God.

Psalm 145

In this message we are reminded that the appropriate response to God’s greatness is praise.

Psalm 90

Learning to seek God in the most difficult of seasons

Psalm 90

Psalm 90 teaches us that what we live for depends on whom we live for.

Psalm 67

In this message, we see the beauty of God’s plan to make Himself known to everybody everywhere.

Living on Mission

Let the nations be glad, says Psalm 67. This gladness is the result of God’s rule and reign. When His name is known all over the earth, joy and freedom ensue. In this message, we look at our calling to carry out the mission of God.

Hatchet Man

Words have power, we must be diligent to choose them wisely and wield them carefully.

Psalm 51

God can forgive us — even the worst part of us…this is what we discover in Psalm 51.

Psalm 51

God can forgive us — even the worst part of us…this is what we discover in Psalm 51.

Royal Mess

How do you seek God after you’ve made a terrible mistake? How do you find Him when you are in a season of regret? In this message, we look at Psalm 51, King David’s biggest mistake, and God’s mercy that conquers all.

Psalm 90

In this message we will be looking at Psalm 90 and how we are to seek God during the tough seasons of life.

The “X” Factor

The Psalms are a way to connect to God through any season.

When God Speaks

God reveals Himself through what He’s made.

Psalm 31

In this message, we discover that God can be our comfort and hope – even in the worst of times.

Trust is a Choice

Trusting God in seasons of struggle is an active trust, not a passive one. 

When God Speaks

God reveals Himself through what He’s made