Star Wars

In this message, we look at 2 Peter 1. We discover that we have everything we need to live for Christ…but we still need to make every effort to live for him.



The story of Joseph through the eyes of Ferdinand the Bull teaches us that standing out has a price.


Follow your heart. Only you know what will truly make you happy. That’s what our culture tells us. While it’s true that you shouldn’t let your parents, your friends, your coworkers, or societal expectations define who you are, the Bible offers a different answer. Maybe the best person to define what’s best for you isn’t you, but the One who made you.


Learning to trust God when the circumstances are out of control.

Sweet Home Alabama

We love a good love story. And our culture shapes us to desire a great love story for our own lives. In this message, we look at Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 19 and discover that there’s a better way to view romance.

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama teaches us about where to look for real love.


Sweet Home Alabama

What does the character Melanie from Sweet Home Alabama have in common with Joseph from the Bible? Both of them have a rough past. For Melanie, it’s mostly things she has done. For Joseph, it’s things done to him. In this message, we discuss God’s sovereignty over our past, and His wondrous ability to use even our broken pasts for his glory and our ultimate good.

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama teaches us that good stories often lead to the greatest stories.

Personal Ministry

Is church something we “go to,” or something to which we belong? According to the Bible, it’s the latter. God’s church is a body, and each one of us is a member of that body with a meaningful role. In this message, we discuss how serving in the context of our local church is a way to move from attending to belonging.

Sticks and Stones

Personal means that we choose serving over observing…a lesson we learn from Moses on a mountain.

Personal Ministry

In this message, we study Romans 12. We discover that we each have been empowered to serve one another.

Personal Ministry

With the pace of life constantly increasing how can you find time to serve and how do you know where to serve if you happen to have the time?

Spiritual Intimacy

Why do you spend time with those closest to you? It’s probably not to check a box or because you feel like you have to. It’s because you want to. The good news is that it can (and should) be the same with God. He’s our heavenly Father, and he delights for us to spend time with Him.

Spiritual Intimacy

In this message we will be looking at our core value of Spiritual Intimacy, what it is, how it works, and how we grow in it.

Top Choice

Spiritual Intimacy is strengthened in our lives as we take steps forward in our faith by choosing consistent patterns, proper motives, and a long-term perspective.

Spiritual Intimacy

Spiritual Intimacy: valuing relationships over rules.

Authentic Community

In this message, we study 1 Peter 4:1-11 and are reminded that God invites us to live for him as we love and serve others.

Authentic Community

In Scripture we often times see the Christian life described as a “walk” but Christian community says “no one walks alone”.

The Girdle Hurdle

Jesus gives us a next step to loving each other well

Authentic Community

We learn how to live out an authentic biblical community.

Like Sunlight on Road Salt

Jesus calls us to be salt and light to reach the world.


Reaching Priority

In this message, we are reminded that God’s love has been poured into our hearts through Christ. Because we know God, we each have the privilege of sharing his love and making him known.

Reaching Priority

Should a church be missional and outward thinking, or all about “discipleship” and deep relationships? The answer is both. And, when done with the right heart, the two actually feed one another. In this message, we take a special look at God’s heart for the “outsider,” and the church’s mission to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Reaching Priority

Learning to join the Lord in His work.

Gospel Identity

In this series we will look at the importance of taking next steps. In this message, Jesus teaches us about Gospel Identity.

Gospel Identity

In this message, we discover how we can root our identity in the Gospel while looking at Colossians 1.

Gospel Identity

 How do you grow in your relationship with the Lord? One step at a time. In this message, we discuss the first crucial step — understanding and embracing your gospel identity.

Gospel Identity

The Gospel is more than just the start of a relationship with God.

The Word of God is Worth It

In today’s passage, we see that the word of God is worthy of desperately seeking after and that HIS plan is greater than our own.

A Constant Christmas Carol

New Year’s Resolutions outline our expectations of ourselves for the next 365 days, but trying to keep them often brings anxiety, guilt and shame. In Galatians 3 and 4, Paul gives us rest by reminding us that we don’t need new or different habits as much as we need to take advantage of what we already have in Christ.

Hope for 2018

Paul teaches us where our hope comes from.

Repeat the Sounding Joy

Christmas teaches us that Jesus brings us the ultimate joy.

Love and Joy

We couldn’t get to God, so God came for us.

Look Again

Many of us have grown in or around Christianity. We’ve heard a lot about Jesus. But do we know him? In this message, we take a second look at the message of Christmas and the gospel.

Glory to God in the Highest

Continuing our study in Luke 2, we learn how to respond to the coming of our Savior.

Glory to God

 What is Christmas really about? Luke 2 shows that Jesus’ results in the glory of God and peace on earth.

The Advent Argument

Luke and Paul teach us the “why” behind Christmas.

Christ the Lord

Who do you think Jesus is? According to Luke, Jesus is the Savior, the Christ, the Lord. In this message we dig in to the concept of  Messiah and learn the Jesus is the one we’ve been waiting for.

Christ the Lord

In this message we continue our study of Luke 2. We discover that Jesus is the King we’ve been waiting for.

Your Song

Luke explains to us why Jesus had to become a man through the Christmas story.

Good News and Great Joy

In this message, we study Luke 2. We discover that the coming of Jesus is good news and great joy…and that its meant for all the people.

All is Bright

Christmas teaches how to deal with fear.

The Rescue

It’s Christmas time again. And of course that means Santa and reindeer, trees and decorations, shopping, family and more. But for the believer in Christ, this season is ultimately about on extraordinary reality : our King came to our rescue.

Use the Force

Jesus teaches us to be intensely intention about the Kingdom.


Kingdom Violence

In today’s passage, Jesus teaches us that there is an intensity about the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Least in the Kingdom

In this message, we study Matthew 11:7-19. We discover that following Jesus is worth every cost.

Peace on Earth

In this message, we study Luke 12:49-53. We discover that Jesus came to bring God’s judgment and to suffer God’s judgment.

Playing with Fire

Jesus teaches us about the priority of the Kingdom.

How to get to Heaven

 A wealthy, powerful, moral young ruler once asked Jesus what had to do to get to heaven. Jesus’ answer was shocking, and it challenges us to reconsider how we can have a relationship with God.

Peace on Earth…?

Jesus is called the Prince of Peace, Mighty Counselor, Wonderful God. Jesus also said that he came to cast fire on the earth and bring not peace, but division. What do we do with that? In this message, we look at the reality that some will receive the good news of the Gospel, and some will not.

Treasure Jesus, Not Things

In this message, Mark reminds us to prioritize Jesus and the gospel over all things.

The Cost of Following Jesus

Jesus teaches us about the cost of following Him.