Listen and Apply

We’ve all done it. We know we need to make a change, we’re inspired or even convicted about doing it…and then we forget it. We just don;t do it. James tells us we deceive ourselves when we just hear the Word and don’t out it into action. We have to be both hearers and doers.

The Man in the Mirror

James tells us how to both accept and apply the truth

Words and Works

In this message we study James 1:19-27. We discover that both our words and our works can and should reflect our faith in Jesus.

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Leg Day

James teaches us how to ask for wisdom in the middle of trials.

The Testing of Our Faith

Everyone goes through difficult times. Everyone suffers. Sometimes we wonder, is there a point to all of it? Do the troubles I experience mean anything? In this message, we see what the Bible says about trials and temptations and what they mean for the Christian.

Resist Temptation with Truth

The Lord is an unchanging, gracious giver who is not tempted by sin. We are tossed about like waves on the sea and are tempted by our own desires. We resist this temptation by the truth of His word and the gracious gift of salvation.

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He’s Out of His Mind!

My life is the best reflection of what I truly believe.

Servants of God

In this message, we begin our study of James. We are reminded that we are called to be servants of God who enjoy His presence in every circumstance.

Starting the Conversation

Is what you believe more important than what you do? Or the other way around? James, Jesus’ half-brother, asserts that you can’t separate the two. Faith without works is dead. In other words, our lives are the best reflection of what we truly believe.

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A Constant Praise

Why do you praise God? It’s a tendency of the human heart to praise God when things are going well and to question him when they aren’t. In this message, Psalm 145 calls us to praise God for who He is and for what He has done, not because of our current circumstances or feelings.

Psalm 145

In the ups and downs of everyday life, one thing is consistent for the people of God, and that is the praise of God.

Psalm 145

In this message we are reminded that the appropriate response to God’s greatness is praise.

Psalm 90

Learning to seek God in the most difficult of seasons

Psalm 90

Psalm 90 teaches us that what we live for depends on whom we live for.

Psalm 67

In this message, we see the beauty of God’s plan to make Himself known to everybody everywhere.

Living on Mission

Let the nations be glad, says Psalm 67. This gladness is the result of God’s rule and reign. When His name is known all over the earth, joy and freedom ensue. In this message, we look at our calling to carry out the mission of God.

Hatchet Man

Words have power, we must be diligent to choose them wisely and wield them carefully.

Psalm 51

God can forgive us — even the worst part of us…this is what we discover in Psalm 51.

Psalm 51

God can forgive us — even the worst part of us…this is what we discover in Psalm 51.

Royal Mess

How do you seek God after you’ve made a terrible mistake? How do you find Him when you are in a season of regret? In this message, we look at Psalm 51, King David’s biggest mistake, and God’s mercy that conquers all.

Psalm 90

In this message we will be looking at Psalm 90 and how we are to seek God during the tough seasons of life.

The “X” Factor

The Psalms are a way to connect to God through any season.

When God Speaks

God reveals Himself through what He’s made.

Psalm 31

In this message, we discover that God can be our comfort and hope – even in the worst of times.

Trust is a Choice

Trusting God in seasons of struggle is an active trust, not a passive one. 

When God Speaks

God reveals Himself through what He’s made

Psalm 19

In this message, we see that God has revealed himself to the world, both through His creation and His Word…and we are invited to receive that message and worship Him.

From Adversity to Opportunity

Within our dark and dying world, we have the great opportunity to seek after God and connect with His purpose and plan.

Oh God, Where Are You?

Where is God in the hardest and darkest seasons of life? He’s there–growing and cultivating you for your good and His glory. Is suffering and discomfort in hard seasons fun? Absolutely not! But God regularly uses difficulty to draw us close. In the end, we often come to see that the trials we face are tools God uses to bring people around us into relationship with Him. If life is tough and it just doesn’t make sense, take a listen. In God’s providence and His timing, life’s greatest challenges resolve with a beautiful purpose.

Psalm 10

In this message, we study Psalm 10 together. We are reminded that life can often feel unfair…and God can often feel far away. This Psalm reminds us that God is near and that we can trust Him even in the most difficult situations.

The Reason for the Seasons

We learn from Asaph that we can grow close to God even if our circumstances don’t change.

The Way to God

Psalm 1 tells us there are two paths in life: the way of sinners and the way of the righteous. The Bible also tells us we all start off on the wrong path. By God’s grace, Jesus forgives, puts on the right path, and gives us His Word to lead us home.


In this message we will be looking at Psalm 1 as we begin our new series titled, “Seasons, Life in the Psalms.” Psalm 1 reveals the purpose of the book of psalms as well as teaches us how to find true joy, warns us of the path of the wicked, and ultimately reveals our need for Jesus.


In the letter from Jesus to the church at Thyatira, we see how Jesus protects his church from going off the rails.


Is it enough to say we are Christians, or does Jesus actually call us to be effective disciples who grow spiritually and make more disciples? In this message, we look at lukewarm Christianity, trying to find our identity and security outside of Christ, and Jesus’ ability to restore us.

The Church of Philadelphia

In this message, we continue our study through Revelation 2-3 and the letters to the seven churches. We are reminded today of the authority of Christ and the reward of those who cling to His name and keep His word.

A Bad Prognosis

The Laodicean Church teaches us to be jealous for God.

Jesus is the Key

As we look at the letter to the church in Philadelphia, we see that not only does Jesus have the Key, He is the Key.

The Church at Sardis

In this message, we continue our study of Revelation 2-3. We are reminded that what people think of us is far less important than what God knows of us.

A Door, a Key, and a Pillar

The church at Philadelphia teaches us that God gives us doors of opportunity, because He has authority.



When is the last time you felt real joy and life in your walk with Christ? For the church at Sardis, the answer seemed to be “a long time ago.” In this message, Jesus both warns and offers hope. The church needs to “wake up.” But if they (and we) will remember the gospel, Jesus can revive their (and our) hearts.

The Church at Thyatira

In this message, we continue our study of Revelation 2-3. We are reminded that the teaching we receive shapes both our hearts and minds. Thus, it is vital for us to guard against teaching that would harm our love and obedience to Jesus.

True or False?

False teaching has been in the church since its beginning. While it’s sometimes difficult to identify, we have the Spirit of God, his Word, and each other to help. In this message, we continue our study through the 7 letters of Revelation by looking at false teaching in Thyatira.


The church at Sardis teaches us the importance of the church’s mission.

The Church at Pergamum

In this message, we continue our study of Revelation 2-3. We are reminded that the teaching we receive shapes both our hearts and minds. Thus, it is vital for us to guard against teaching that would harm our love and obedience to Jesus.

It’s Black and White

The church at Pergamum teaches us that we need to bomb the idol factories in our hearts.


No Compromise

As Christians, we make decisions everyday about how to relate to the greater culture: do we join in, opt out, or stay neutral? The church at Pergamum faced the same difficulties. And while they are commended for persevering under persecution, Jesus warns them about compromising with the culture.

The Church at Smyrna

In this message, we continue our study in Revelation 2 & 3. We are reminded that Jesus was faithful unto death, and He invites us to find life by following Him.

Light the Fire

The Church at Smyrna teaches us not to let fear determine our fate. Jesus has eyes that see our every need.

Persecution. Affliction. Poverty. These are some of the words that describe the church of Smyrna at the turn of the first century AD. And yet in his message to them in Revelation 2, Jesus tells them that they are rich. In this message, we look at Jesuss words to the Church about perseverance, temporary suffering, and eternal life and joy.

Lukewarm Christianity

Today we will hear about what Jesus has to say about becoming lukewarm and the promise he gives for those who acknowledge it and repent. As we study Gods word examine your heart and your prayer life to determine if you have fallen victim to lukewarmness, and discover the cure to save your life.

Truth in Love

As a Christian, we know that God’s word is truth and that we live by biblical principles.  At times, it may be necessary to speak truth to each other but we need to always remember that it should be truth in love.